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For the Very First Time……..

A recent phenomenon that has gained some traction concerns the evolution of the Fanfare for the Choson and Kallah. This refers to the minute or so of music performed as the Couple is about to make their entrance into the Ballroom for the first time as Husband & Wife. The extremes of this feature extend from not playing anything special whatsoever all the way to choosing segments of 3 or 4 different themes or riffs from popular songs and stringing them together in a very specific manner. Naturally, just like everything else that goes on at weddings, many people have strong feelings, both positive and negative, regarding the Fanfare introduction.

It would seem that the function of this music is to let everyone know that the Choson and Kallah are about to enter and in that respect it seems to work well. On the other hand, some say that the sources of some of these Fanfares are so far removed from the spirit and holiness of a Jewish Wedding, that it seems downright counterintuitive to introduce the Bride & Groom with something so antithetical.

What to do? We have heard directives from Chasanim that inform the band not to play any non-Jewish music during the Chasane, yet some of these same Chasanim will request a Fanfare from a Hip-Hop song with the most inappropriate lyrics! On the other hand, we will hear requests for Rock Riffs during the dance music that also come from questionable sources. What to do? It would seem that if the goal of alerting all the guests to prepare for the entrance of the Choson & Kallah is a worthy one, then the Choson and Kallah should either choose a piece of music that will accomplish that goal while still staying w/in the spirit of Kedusha appropriate to this occasion, or at least choose something that does not get too far afield from that spirit. Or perhaps, these specific choices can be experienced as having no negative connotation. I am not even clear in my own mind…………Unfortunately, there definitely has been a huge disconnect between the music we incorporate during a wedding with the intended spirit or words being sung. But that’s a problem for a whole other day……….

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