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Can you get a ballpark estimate?

Mazel Tov! You are now planning a Simcha! As the dust of the exciting news settles, you soon find yourself presented with a bewildering array of decisions to be made regarding dates, venues, caterers, photography, clothing, invitations, guest accommodations and so much more. When considering which musical entertainment option will be best suited for your Simcha, one of the important questions to address will be, “What should my music budget be?”

Today, more than ever, choosing music that will enhance your Simcha while leaving you with a balanced budget, requires that you be a knowledgeable consumer.

Towards that end, below is a quick primer of some of the principle factors behind the fee that you will pay to your band of choice. Not all of these factors will apply to every group, and you as the consumer will ultimately decide which factors are most important to your Simcha and therefore which group is best suited to perform at your event.

Here are some basic factors to consider:

  1. What size musical group is appropriate? The answer will be based on many considerations which include specific musical needs (different styles of music), acoustics (good, bad or other), size of party (number of guests), instrumentation (i.e., Percussion, Harp, etc.), Featured Vocalist options, length of the performance (number of hours) and more.
  2. Venue requirements: Does your venue require liability insurance and/or workers’ comp insurance certificates from your band?
  3. Music preparation: Will you want your band to have staff available to meet with you in person to prepare for the performance at your event? Will any custom music preparation be required?
  4. Personnel: Bands with set, in-house featured musical performers tend to be in a somewhat higher budget range than bands that put together free-lance personnel for each performance as it occurs.
  5. Professional Sound: What type of professional sound options does your band offer and do they offer various fee levels of service?
  6. Vendor collaboration: A good working relationship between your band, venue/caterer, planner, photographer and the other key vendors on your team is important to the success of your Simcha. Check in with your other vendors about the bands you are considering.
  7. Experience/reputation: Newer groups can sometimes offer a lower cost option while experienced groups with an established track record may cost a little more, but may provide you with peace of mind.

We are often asked, “Can you give me a ballpark of what the music for my Simcha should cost?” This is an important question. However as you can now see, one not simply answered with a “one size fits all” price quote! So now that you are an expert, consider all of the above, choose well and have a fabulous Simcha!

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