At Neshoma every beat counts. The heartbeats of the mother,father, future bride and groom and everyone else who is involved in planning the big simcha. From the moment we begin the discussion about securing the date to packing our instruments at the end of a beautiful day, every beat counts.
Can you imagine a Chupa without the beautiful music that prepares everyone for the moment of Kedusha? Can you imagine following up the moment of holiness with anything but a celebration of joy, energy and dancing that only the right music can deliver?

Neither can us. That is why we have dedicated our careers to being an important part of what turns an event into a lasting memory.
Months of preparations culminate in a single day and the one wish every family asks us to fulfill: “please make this a memorable wedding. We want so much for everyone to be a part of our Chatan and Kallah’s first day as a married couple. We want everyone to fill the energy, be happy and have fun”.

We take this responsibility very seriously. Often, we get so immersed with the planning that it feels like our own kids are getting married. We plan, prepare and go over every detail with one goal in mind: Flawless Delivery.

We eagerly await, as we’ve become accustomed to, for the Chatan, Kallah or their parents to approach the bandstand and say “that was beautiful – this is exactly how we imagined it” to which we say, Baruch Hashem and, as we’ve also become accustomed to, with tears of joys and…a more relaxed heartbeat.

Let us be a part of creating that memorable day.

Let us take part of making the Chupa a spiritual experience and the celebration a time filled with true joy. After all that is the true definition of a simcha.

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